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Fathers Day Painting Activity - Ceramic Doodles

In todays Blog post we have a Fathers Day painting actitity.

Both of my children (nearly 4 and nearly 9!) loved playing with the paints and creating patterns and then my eldest enjoyed creating her own bubble writting, though she did need some help.

I will say my very tired and tetchy youngest had hands everywhere and ended up COVERED in paint! So if you don’t like mess this is probably an activity best avoided, I was relieved we decided to do it outside!

This painting activity looks fantastic printed on our Ceramic Doodles mugs and keyrings so make wonderful Fathers Day gifts. You could also turn this activity into a Fathers Day card at home! 

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Materials needed for our Fathers Day Painting Activity:

  • Paper
  • Paint – we used red, yellow, blue and green poster paint
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • And lots of patience when working with younger tired children! 
  • Wet wipes (or something to clean up with – this activity can be very messy and painty!)
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Step One

Gather your paint, paper and clean up materials together.

We decided to do this outside to contain the mess!



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Step Two

Trail the paint onto your paper, use as many or few colours as you would like. My girls both enjoyed choosing what colours they would use and in what order, Amelia-Jayne originally only wanted to use yellow and green, but once she got going she wanted to add more colours!

We found it was best not to use to much paint, as to much squished out the edges of the paper. However the children found it hard to control how much paint came out of the paint bottles at once, so we always ended up with to much!


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Step Three

Next fold the paper in half, or place another piece of paper on top. Squish the paper together and then rub the paint around to marble it together.

The kids really enjoyed rubbing the paper with their fingers and seeing the paint beneath moving.

We tried moving the paint arround in different way, stroking it in different directions and swirling it in circular motions.

Thicker paper would be better to use – our thin paper nearly fell apart!


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Step Four

Unfold the paper (or lift the top sheet off) to reveal your paint effect.

My children were very, very excited to see what textures and patterns they had created!

My youngest had fingers everywhere and ended up finger painting in the wet paint, which all added to the effect! But also created lots and lots of painty mess!

Leave the paint to dry – we hung ours on the washing line!


Day Two – When The Paint Had Dried

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Step Six

Fold the paper back in half.

In bubble writing write Dad or Daddy (or any name you choose).

Make sure that each letter touches the next, and the fold of the paper.

My oldest daughter at 8 rising 9 did here own bubble writing, though needed to be reminded to keep the letters touching.


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Step Seven

Next we cut the spaces between the letters to leave the word.

To make sure Chloe did not cut the wrong area we marked off the areas she had to cut, after the first letter she got the hang of it and I finished making tea while she cut her letters out!

She loved opening the little bits of paper to see what shapes would be revealed, and then arranging the shapes to make mini pictures!


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Step Eight

Now you have your word and the same in mirror image.

Both children enjoyed playing with the left over bits of paper. Chloe, my oldest daughter made her own collage out of the shapes.

You can now go on to create a piece of art for Fathers Day or a Fathers Day card.

You could also send us a photo or scan of your Dad art work and we can print it on to a mug and coaster making a lovely Fathers Day gift.


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